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Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's for Dinner Tomorrow--It's Good and Easy

I know that many of us just get so tired of cooking and thinking of something good to eat, that is EASY and not too expensive. I call this dish, the anyone can have anything they want for dinner. So here is the recipe.

Crock-Pot London Broil

2 1/2 lb London Broil 1 pkg Lipton Onion soup 3 cloves of garlic 1 can beef broth pepper

Score the London Broil with a knife about 1" apart and about 1/2" deep. Pour a small amount of beef broth in bottom of crock pot. Add the London Broil to the pot. Grate the garlic over the beef, pushing it into the cuts into the meat. Pepper the meat. Sprinkle the Lipton Onion Soup over the meat, add the rest of the beef broth. Cook for 4-6 hours.

This is the reason why I say that this beef can be used for many things for dinner. Make burritos. Simply add salsa, sour cream, and avocado slices with some of the beef (It should shred with a fork) and VOILA, burritos.

Some people don't want burritos. No problem. Heat some BBQ sauce in the microwave. Shred some beef, add to the BBQ sauce and put onto a hamburger bun with any condiments you like. A BBQ Sandwich. No muss no fuss.

A more traditional meal would be to make mash potatoes. Make gravy out of the juice in the crock pot. Put the gravy on the potatoes and top with the beef. Make a salad and you have a great meal winter, spring, summer, or fall.

For those family members who don't like salsa, but love BBQ sauce, this doesn't create a lot of work for mom. And mom or dad, can offer a choice for dinner, when most times that just doesn't work. Any leftovers can be used for lunch or dinner the next day.

What can you create with this great meal in a pot???

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